Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program

Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program

To know Hank was to know his passion for aviation. The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program in Williamson, GA, encompasses both Hank’s love for all things flying as well as a program to encourage, teach, and support the development of aviation’s next generation.

The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program was started to provide aviation interested youth guidance, mentorship, and the opportunity to restore and maintain aircraft in exchange for flight time towards a sport pilot or private pilot’s certificate.

The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program seeks to nurture and develop a love for aviation in today’s youth, providing opportunities for kids and teens to gain hands-on experience for a future in aviation.

Under the guidance of experienced aviation enthusiasts, students learn alongside one another, developing the skills to restore, maintain, and work on aircraft. Program participants interested in flying also have the opportunity to learn how to pilot an airplane through the Candler Field Flying Club. Flying time is earned by volunteering during open hangar sessions and events, allowing students who otherwise may not have the means or access the ability to learn to fly with minimal expense. 

The Hank Sasser Foundation Aims to Support this Unique Nonprofit through Two Avenues:

  1. Support of the Youth Aviation Program: Each year, The Hank Sasser Foundation will make a financial contribution to directly support the Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program. This includes our scholarship program!

  2. Support for Special Projects: In addition to supporting the Youth Aviation Program, The Hank Sasser Foundation aims to commit a portion of funds to assist in underwriting specific projects and endeavors in connection with the youth program. 


Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program F-400