2018 Youth Aviation Scholar

Trey Geboy has had a passion for flight since he was a child. As a young boy, Trey’s dad would take him to the Newnan Airport as a reward for good behavior. Trey has been a member of the Candler Field Youth Aviation Program since he was a freshman in high school. Over the past four years, Trey has accumulated enough shop time to begin flying. Trey made his first solo flight in the Youth Aviation Program’s Champ on August 26, 2017.

Trey spent this past summer mowing lawns and saving enough money to partner with his dad in buying a 1952 Piper Tri-Pacer. As of June, Trey had already accumulated over 20 hours of solo and cross country time and is working toward his private pilot’s license. Trey is also the founder of the Future Pilots of America, a club active in encouraging students to learn more about careers in aviation. The club currently has over 400 members. Learn more at www.futurepilotsofamerica.net.

Trey plans to use his scholarship money to help cover the cost of his cross countries and nighttime flying as well as to help cover his tuition at Middle Georgia State University where he plans to study aeronautical engineering and finish up his ratings as a commercial pilot.