Leadership Scholarships
Hank was inspired by leadership. He understood the impact good leadership could make, and he was hungry to become a better leader so he, in turn, could impact and develop others.
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Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program
The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program seeks to nurture and develop a love for aviation in today’s youth, providing opportunities for kids and teens to gain hands-on experience for a future in aviation.
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Keep it Going
The Hank Sasser Foundation is committed to continuing Hank’s passion for leadership and aviation by providing resources and education to others who will “Keep it Going.”
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“You’re only as successful as your people, so always do everything you can to love and develop them. They can do the same for their people eventually. Success will follow.”

-Hank Sasser

Hank Sasser Foundation - Who is Hank?
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From a young age Hank was an old soul. He enjoyed waking up before dawn to watch the sun rise. He was kind-hearted and a good listener. He loved his family and was a loyal friend. He was raised to be a Texas Longhorns fan, then eagerly followed in his big sister’s footsteps to the University of Oklahoma. He thrived in young adulthood, finding a calling in leadership and a fascination for aviation.


The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program in Williamson, GA, encompasses both Hank’s love for all things flying as well as a program to encourage, teach, and support the development of aviation’s next generation. 


The purpose of The Hank Sasser Foundation leadership scholarships is to help leaders grow. To help them get better at what they do. And to multiply leaders, because when one individual improves, the results are felt by many. 


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